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You know livestreaming needs to be a part of your strategy if you're going to connect with people where they are.


But if you're new to livestreaming, it might seem a bit overwhelming.

There is a lot to consider:

What EQUIPMENT do you really need? (It's INCLUDED in our package!)

What SOFTWARE do you want to use, and why? (It's INCLUDED in our package!)

You need to LEARN to use the software and hardware... (Total training is included...)

And you need to set up the TECHNICAL aspects of your show! (We'll do that for you too!)

The learning curve may simply seem too daunting for you, and you may write it off as something that is for others, but not for you.

The fact is, livestreaming can be (and is) done by people of ALL technical skill levels. And regardless of technical razzle-dazzle, it's how you ultimately connect with your audience of viewers that makes all the difference.

Livestreaming gives you the ability to create a connection not otherwise possible, in an ongoing and evolving way...creating a level of trust that it would be hard to get any other way.

So you've got to do it, but you don't know where to start.

Well, here's the little secret...

This is NOT rocket science. In fact, anyone can learn to produce an AMAZING looking Livestream that help you in immeasurable ways when it comes to building a relationship with your audience!

But it CAN take a long time to piece meal together a system that works, and a LOT of trial and error when it comes to actually broadcasting smoothly so that not only do things go really well, but you also have a lot of fun in the process.

​​​​​​​Create Broadcast Quality Videos for Livestreaming and Video Product Creation without Post-Production Editing (or paying for it!)

This video was created in REAL-TIME without the need for post-production editing.

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The Livestream Jumpstart program is designed to get you up and running with livestreaming in a way that is congruent with your audience engagment goals through personal one-on-one training, either in person or remotely!

All of the following are INCLUDED!


If you're going to turn on that camera and talk to your adoring public, it's probably a good idea to know what you're going to say and why. While this is a wonderful forum for spontaneous "slice of life" broadcasts, even those should be congruent with your overall objective.

Do you want to grow your following? 

Sell more products?

Build a community?

There is SO much that is possible, that it's important to at least start all this with a sense of direction, and we spend the first part of our "Jumpstart" together, working on strategy!

So now that we know what we're doing and why, now we need to choose our...


Livestreaming requires specific equipment that can handle everything you throw at it.

The more complex your show, the more CPU and memory you will require.

Not having the proper system can bring all your plans to a halt...

...which is why we INCLUDED a turn-key, ready-to-go system with eveything you need, including:

  • Camera - HD Webcam suitable for most livestream purposes.
  • Microphone - Hi quality USB microphone for professional sound
  • Software - Livestream software with up to 1000 inputs for HD broadcasts up to 1080p!
  • Laptop - A Windows laptop system packed with the RAM and CPU power you need to create any show you could want, from simple to complex!
  • Lights - Without proper lighting, your production will simply not seem professional and any greenscreen effects simply won't work! We include the exact lighting system we use to assure results.
  • Green Screen Setup - We provide a complete green screen solution, including green screen cloth and required stands.

Think you already have all the equipment you need? Click here!


Obviously, you need to learn how all this works. BUT DON'T FEAR! Although there is a lot you can do with a setup like this, there is no need to learn how to do EVERYTHING right off the bat!

Our goal is to get you going as quickly and as stress-free as possible, so that you can be up and running with confidence, quickly!

Our goal is not to make you an expert in the ins and outs of the broadcast software. It's to teach you EXACTLY how to create the show you want, and communicating the concepts you need to know and understand to keep creating shows long after we've done our initial setup!

So we've got you all trained, but I'll bet you could still use some help on your:

Initial Setup!

So now you have everything you need, and you know how to use it, how about we get you set up with your first "broadcast preset."

What does that mean?

Well, it means that together we will build the various scenes or shots that make up your broadcast. That means integrating things like lower-thirds and other graphics, and integrating videos! We'll get you all set up so that all you have to do is "GO LIVE" and you're ready to broadcast!

Not Just for Livestreaming!

Save thousands of dollars....

Save HOURS of time...

If you've ever edited your own videos to add green screen effects, lower thirds, other media like images and video, sound effects, etc. you already know how time-consuming the process is...even if you know how to do it well!

And if you don't know how to do it, you end up paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars for an editor to do all of that for you.

But what if you could learn to do it ALL yourself....


WHILE you're doing the broadcast?

And what if it was "push-button" simple?

Well, learning to do that is what "Livestream Jumpstart" is all about...because that's exactly what you'll be doing when you do your program live! But you don't HAVE to be live to use this system to create amazing video content!

Easily create a video series or a video-based product with all the bells and whistles of a professionally produced program, WITHOUT any of the time and expense associated with post-production!

Check out this video to see what I mean.

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