“If you’re looking for a speaker for your next event, you want Bob Doyle because he will help you to not only make you look brilliant and make you shine in front of the people that you’re bringing into your event, but he’s also going to connect to your audience in a way that your event is going to be one to remember for a long long time.”

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Bob Doyle, best known for his unique and effective approach to teaching the Law of Attraction in the films "The Secret", "The Opus", "Try it On Everything" and more, brings his training to your organization in fun, dynamic, interactive, and extremely effective way using Livestream technology.

Bob uses humor and audience engagement to create a training environment that creates lasting impact.

The video below, aimed a Network Marketers, is just one example of how this can work.

More details about the service are below. 

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Keynote - Workshop - Training - Motivation

PERFECT for when you...

You want to hire a high profile speaker, but don't have the normal budget.

You want to be able to organize something quickly and save as much money as possible

You want someone who knows how to relate and connect in this "remote video" format. NOT everyone can.

You want to empower your group with real usable tools that they can use right away and every day to aid them personally and professionally.

You want to leverage the popularity and impact of The Secret, but didn't think you could afford bringing in someone at your budget.

Evolving the old Speaker Model

Whether you want Bob to address your group with a 90-minute keynote, or even a half-day workshop, our Live Remote Speaking Service allows Bob to fully engage with your audience. He is able to see your group and interact with anyone via the web cam on your end and is visible through the projected or video image at your event- or even via a virtual online venue. *

No matter if Bob is presenting live to a large group, a smaller and more intimate venue, or an online event, the Live Remote Speaking Service allows the flexibility of booking a high profile speaker without the associated costs that normally come with it (air fare, hotel, meals, etc.). Typical speaking options include 90-minute talks with Q&A afterwards, half-day workshops and keynote speeches in addition to custom presentations and trainings for specific markets. ** ​ Typical speaking fees for a remote presentation are $2,997 for the 90-minute plus Q&A and start at $4,997 for the half-day workshop.

As a featured speaker at a conference, a special guest at a fundraising event or the sole presenter at a workshop, Bob Doyle’s name recognition from The Secret will help you attract people to your event. Whether your function is a fundraiser or a conference, the Live Remote Speaker Service helps your bottom line by providing a high-profile speaker with “face-to-face” interaction without the additional costs that typically come along with it.

​Additionally, the entire program is recorded in high-def and delivered as an MP4 file. This is included FREE as an introductory offer to the service but will be a $200 option after the introductory period. The fully produced recording of the event, including the real-time on-camera interaction between Bob and anyone in your group. will be delivered within 7 days of the event and is a valuable tool for your attendees that provides a high stickiness factor for your group or business.

* conditions / restrictions will apply
**additional fees may apply depending on materials produced for custom training​

This is a PROVEN Training Model...

"If you’re looking for a speaker for your next event, you want Bob Doyle because he will help you to not only make you look brilliant and make you shine in front of the people that you’re bringing into your event, but he’s also going to connect to your audience in a way that your event is going to be one to remember for a long long time.

It’s taken me a long time to build my brand so I have to be very careful about the speakers that I bring in to talk to my members.

He took them on a journey which gave them a huge amount of value. That made me sparkle and it made my brand shine, and it will do the same for you."


How It Works

Bob Doyle sends you a link to his video feed via the Zoom software which will be installed on your computer equipped with a web cam.

Clicking that link will connect you with Bob, and you and he will be in the same virtual meeting room and the video signal from your webcam will be sent to this room.

(Anyone else who clicks that link from their computer or mobile device will join that room as well. Ideally all participants are in the same room and only one person from your group will click the link, but technically more can join.).

You will project the image from your computer running Zoom onto your big screen through a projector so that the whole room can easily see the program. (If you don't know how to do this, we will give you some guidance.)

Any necessary workbooks or other material will have been delivered digitally ahead of time if the content calls for it.

What You Need

The ability to project the presentation onto a large screen (optional, but suggested of course for groups).

A strong and reliable Internet connection.

The free "Zoom" software installed on the computer. http://www.zoom.us. You do not need to purchase an account.

A sound system to amplify the presentation.

A desktop computer or laptop computer with a high quality webcam such as the Logitech C920. The webcam on your laptop can certainly work as well, but the higher the quality camera, the higher the quality of the final recording and appearance of the presentation.

​​​​​​​A room full of happy smiling faces ready to learn!

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Network Marketers will benefit from live, interactive training aimed specifically at their organization. Interact directly with Bob in a variety of ways...from short, live, "boost" sessions for your team, or full-length Law of Attraction virtual workshops that creates the strongest organization possible!

Offer a Law of Attraction Workshop at your group. If you choose, make the event a full day affair and include local teachers before or after Bob’s contribution along with a meal and meditation. Offer the event concurrently with another group across the country or across the world and share the experience (and cost) with others. Interact with both Bob and those attending in the other group and strengthen bonds between groups. Bob’s half-day workshop fee is typically $4997 (workbooks or other materials, if needed, are extra).

Host a Fundraising Dinner at your location and bring Bob remotely into your event as a speaker. A 90 minute keynote plus Q&A afterwards may be more than the event calls for, but a 45 minute exploration of the power of gratitude may be perfect for the occasion.

Host a Follow Your Passion – Find Your Power presentation plus Q&A with local business, networking and entrepreneur groups to re-introduce yourself as a source of support and education in your community.

Hold a retreat for your group and focus on moving into the next unfolding in your spiritual community.

Here are just a FEW Ways to

Use this Amazing Service!

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Let's Get  Started!

The beauty of this arrangement is that Bob can be ready to deliver your training in a very short period of time (schedule permitting) because there is no travel time involved. 

We can very often provide your training within 24 hours of your initial contact with us if you have the necessary equipment!

Fill out the short form below, telling us more about your organization needs and ways you would like to utilize this remote training service.

We look forward to working with you!